Coach Vic's Reminder: Find Your Bike.

March 28, 2018

It's that time of year and the first thing you have to do is kill everything growing on your wetsuit.  God only knows what is growing on your formerly black rubber so toss that thing in a shower and get rid of the radioactive thing growing on it.  But even before you do that let's go over the things you need to do before your first team workout:


1. Find your bike.  Put some oil on that chain.  Never mind cleaning it - we'd be asking for too much.  Tighten your seat.  Put air in the tires.  Look at the rubber on those wheels - have they started to disintegrate?  Make sure your tire repair kit is onboard so one of the coaches can fix your flat.  Pack your pump in the car.  Now.  Finally wipe the poor thing at least once with a damp rag.

2. De-louse your running shoes.  Put a fresh pair of those No-Need-To-Tie laces on the boats, the ones that save you 1.5 seconds at T2.  Look and see what creases there are on the side of the shoes -  sure sign you've broken down its shock absorption.  Spray the damn things with an anti-fungal into them and kill whatever claws its way out.  Hell if you just find your running shoes you're way ahead of the game.  Now put them in the BAG.

3. Wash down your bike  helmet - DO NOT SMELL IT!  After its dry put it in the BAG.  No helmet no ride.  Pack your bike gloves.

4. Throw away your water bottles.  There is no way to save those plastic bottles from last year - heaven knows what is growing from the Gatorade you left last year.  dispose them in a HAZMAT box.  Now fill up your new bottles with water - its an 8 mile ride - you don't need to hurry electrolytes anywhere on an 8 mile ride.  Put the water bottles in a plastic bag.  then put them in the BAG.

5. Lysol your bike shoes.  Put them inside a HAZMAT bag then put that bag in the BAG.

6. Pump your tires NOW while your teammates are NOT waiting around for you to pump your tires.

7. Find your running gear and wear that.  Wear more layers than you think you need.

8. Pack a few quick energy gels (that have been laying about since last season) or whatever it is you drink/eat that you think makes you perform better.  Just don't share your stuff with other people.  You're liable.

9. Charge your smart phone.  Charge your Garmin, your Apple Watch, your electric bike transmission, your power meter.  Do it the day before.

10.  Send your wetsuit to the Centers for Disease Control and include a self addressed stamped box - we'll be getting in the water the first week in May at Hopkinton.  Yes we are.






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