Tri Treasures & Trash

May 6, 2017


I often hear you're not a triathlete until you've done a race.  Nope.  You're not a triathlete until you've collected so much triathlon junk you don't know what some of your gear is supposed to be.  Honestly I went through my gear this morning and not only did I not know what some of my junk was but I couldn't even it assign it to swim, bike, or run.  That is a triathlete.  


How do we wind up in this state?  It's because you can sell anything to a triathlete and if you've perused Triathete or any other magazine you know what I mean.  Just look at your bike.  That thing would be five pounds lighter if not not for five pounds of junk.  And what's great is you're completely convinced you need every single thing on it.  And let's not talk about the swim - Jacques Cousteau had less gear on one of his Arctic dives.


But here's what great at Dreamfar Triathlon.  Almost yearly we hold a Triathlete Treasures & Trash (3T) get together and trade all the trash we think we don't need (or in the case of a true triathlete we don't even recognize what the things is or was for.)   So coming in a few weeks we'll be having a 3T Party and workout where our trash can become someone elses treasure.


The Dt 3T Party (say three times fast) relieves you of whatever the hell that thing(s) are and also helps many people remember what it was!  Many times things just require a new set of eyes.  And who knows you may find that thing you absolutely positively much needed thing that will take 10 seconds off of T1.  So stay tuned and we'll set the date and location soon.  So start going through your tri treasure chest for those things that have to go or you no longer recognize.  Treasures await!

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