Dt and You


Dreamfar Triathlon (Dt) is one of many great triathlon teams and clubs in the Greater Boston area.  Originally founded as a team to help people living with physical challenges such as Arthritis the team has remained over its first 12 years focused on providing top level training for people who want a safe and non-competitive environment to either train for their first triathlon or take the love of their sport to the next level.  As we said at the top the area has great clubs and teams and we’d like to help you see if Dt is for you (this also is a good FAQ section):


  • We hold training sessions almost every weekend through the spring and summer (and into the fall.)

  • Our folks average going to about 50% of them.  Some go to 100%.  Some attend training once a month.  Some come all of June and then September.  And we have had folks who only come to the races.  And Dt has athletes that never race.  Dt has no requirement for attendance or racing.

  • We train in Walden Pond, Hopkinton State Park, Carson Beach South Boston, Nantasket Beach, and at various race sites.

  • Most of our team are parents and have quite a bit of family obligations.

  • We have Rogue workouts when regular coached training sessions are not scheduled.  These are organized by the team.  There are also swim and rides organized during the week by the team members.

  • Children of team members are encouraged to attend at various training sessions.  We always take extra safety measures for their enjoyment.  Young people under 18 are not allowed to ride with Dt as of yet.  But we are working on that.

  • We have a good mix of sprint and Olympic distance people and people training for their first 70.3.  Every now and then the 140.6 bug hits and then we have a bunch all in for an Ironman.

  • Our first training session is in March and out last in the first week of October. 

  • We have a few pot-luck socials including an end-of-season brunch where we almost fake a workout.

  • Yes, we have training and race uniforms for you to purchase as well as casual gear to buy.  We have our famous Breakfast Shirt which you can train in or go to breakfast in.  Our triathlon uniforms are pretty legit and fierce and it worries us that we may look too much like a triathlon team.

  • There are weekly training letters with all the info on the upcoming training session and other training tips.  Our Facebook Page and Groups are heavily used.  We have a private Facebook page and also a very private Forum on our website if you want to stay away from social media.

  • Our focus is getting to breakfast.  Breakfast is very big at Dt.  Not everyone can stay after training for breakfast but we try.  We even have a team logo that focuses on breakfast.  It’s usually more like brunch or lunch.

  • “Snappy”, the Walden Pond Snapping Turtle is our team mascot and spirit animal.  He/She may represent Dt in all its aspects best.

471 East 4th Street

Boston MA 02127

T: 617,335,7613

Website Manager: Vic Acosta